What's New
  • Dec 1 - Googlebar International for Firefox 1.x released with German, English, Italian, French
  • June 21 - Googlebar International released with German, English, Italian, Spanish
  • Nov 18 - Arabic, Slovene & Serbian Translations released
  • Oct 17 - Japanese, Spanish & Polish Translations released
  • Oct 9 - Russian & Danish Translations released, Hebrew Translations will be released soon
  • Sep 11 - Googlebar Version 0.7.06 International released with Czech, English, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Sep 11 - Language Packs for Googlebar 0.7.06 will be released soon
  • Aug 7 - Googlebar 0.7.06 has been released: Googlebar. Stay tuned for the translations.
  • July 27 - Italian & Czech Language Packs for Googlebar 0.6.17 released
  • July 26 - Italian & Czech Language Packs will be released soon

GooglebarL10N Project

The GooglebarL10N project gives you localized versions of the wonderfull Mozilla Googlebar.
I started this sub-project because there were no translations available at the Googlebar-project. With the help of volunteers, several other languages are now available- if your language is not available, read the documentation about how to create and submit a translation for the Googlebar in your own language.

Happy Google'ing,

Take part in restoring MNG/JNG-Support in Mozilla and vote for it under:

The googlebarl10n project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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